Water Trucks: A solution to your grading, cleaning, dust control, and water needs for any industry.

All water trucks are manufactured and designed by McLellan and can be customized to your specific need, including a stainless steel option.

4000 gallon, 'A' style tank.

- A stronger shell with better structural integrity that will extend the life of your truck.
- 1/4 inch (0.635 cm) double-welded bolsters double the strength forming a tube like section. Superior design versus a typical "L" shaped single-weld bolster.
- Lengthens tank life by distributing the weight of a full load into a "hat section" with flanges covering more contact area than a "L" section sub-frame.
- Reduced roll-over rates by dampening the impact from slosh dynamics. No flat surfaces, 1 1/4 radius corners. More baffles per inch than most manufacturers

Tank Styles

A Style Water Tank

The A style tank features a 36" x 42" x 12" refilling lid. A style tanks feature extra baffles, 4 point leaf spring hold down kit, full length built-in fenders, 4” full size bolsters, front and rear.

Standard tank sizes available: 2000, 2500, 3600, & 4000 gallons. Custom Built up to 6400 gallons.

B Style Water Tank

The B style tank features a 26” round fill dome refilling lid. B style tanks feature half length fenders, 2/3 full weld, 1/3 skip welded baffles, 4 point vertical spring hold down kit, ¼” plate bolster, and outside welded heads,

Standard tank sizes available: 2000, 2500, 3600, & 4000 gallons. Built up to 6400 gallons. 16GPI, 18 GPI,20 GPI and 22 GPI

What makes a McLellan tank unique?


McLellan offers a variety of arrangements to best meet your crew's needs.
Look below for information about some of our most predominant features.


Tank Information

  • Standard sizes: 2500, 3600, and 4000 Gallons
  • Shell: 3/16"-1011 grade 36 meets ASTM standards
  • Sub-frame & Bolsters: 1/4"-1018 grade 36 meets ASTM standards
  • Heads and Baffles: 3/16" Gauge – A1011 Type B commercial grade spec
  • Overfill protection: Raised dome lid that comes in two different styles
Water Pump
- 3" x 4", Drive types include:

  • PTO​
  • Engine
  • Hydraulic
Front Spray Bar

  • Two normally closed, 3 inch air operated air valves
Rear Spray Assembly with Ladder & Hydrant fill

  • Two normally closed, 3 inch air operated air valves
  • Rear spray bar has 3/4", 1.5" and 2.5" outlets for customization
  • Hydrant fill access from rear
Cab Controls

  • Custom McLellan cab controls
  •  Air operated
  • P.T.O. indicator lights illuminate when P.T.O. is engaged
  • Start/Stop for engine
  • Throttle Control
  • Hydraulic Control
Slotted Hold Down System

  • Eliminates tank bending, twisting, and vibrating by isolating the tank from the chassis.
  • Stops rocking with chassis
  • Perma Slats

  • Amber Strobe light/beacon
  • Dot/ICC LED lights, including:
    • Stop​
    • Tail
    • Turn
Center Plumbing

  • Contained within the subframe of the tank to raise it above minimum ground clearance.
Safety & Detail Package

  • Fire extinguisher
  • Nonskid Grip on walking surfaces
  • Back up alarm


Water trucks should have the right tool for the right job. Browse our water truck options and view them below:

  • Self-Loading Systems
  • Hydrant Fill Pipe to Fill Dome-standard
  • Extra Sight Gauges-rear standard on "A" tank
  • Rotating Beacon light-standard
  • Manual, Spring-loaded, or Automatic rewind Reels
  • Pneumatic or Manual powered Side Sprays
  • Arrow Board
  • Quick Dump Systems
  • Shock Tower
  • Street Flush
  • 2" Corner Mount Fan Spray
  • Extra Spray Valves
  • Work Lights
  • Air Throttle for Diesel Engines
  • Longitudinal Baffles
  • Tool Boxes
  • Frame Bracket
  • Angle Bars
  • Internal Coating
  • Left Side Spray
  • Exterior Rear Spray Valve
  • Front Site Gauge
  • Self Loading
  • Reel