Chemical Mix Truck

The primary purpose of the McLellan mix truck is to mix concentrate from the mix trailers with water and deliver the mixed solution to the sprayers. All of McLellan’s mix trailers are available with an optional dry chemical hopper and a closed chemical dispenser. McLellan has two closed chemical dispensers available. The first is a bulk dispenser that cuts a hole in the jugs of chemicals and triple rinses the jugs. The second dispenser is designed to meter out a given chemical by the ounce. Once the jug is empty, valves are used to triple rinse the jug prior to disconnecting the jug from the dispenser. McLellan offers a number or different dry chemical hoppers depending on the needs of the customer.


  • 2000 gallon stainless steel main tank
  • Stainless steel hopper with Flow Guard stainless protection filtration system
  • Self-sustainable turnkey Tier 4 Deutz 3 cylinder Engine has Stainless Steel SAE 5 water pump capable of 750 GPM at 70 PSI
  • Complete hydraulic system for stainless steel auger paddles to keep chemical mixing.
  • Grated hose rack for wrap around storage tubes.
  • Rear mounted crow’s nest for easy access to fill dome.


  • Move final mix to sprayers instead of moving sprays to mix trailer.
  • 2000+ gal capacity.
  • Constant agitation of solution.
  • Spray heads for dust control when not being used to transfer solution.