Custom built equipment for mining, construction, and agriculture.

McLellan Custom  Equipment sold worldwide

Helicopter At WorkStainless Steel side viewStainless Tank back view


McLellan Equipment takes a lot of pride in working closely with their customers, especially with research and development projects which come up from time to time. We just manufactured four Stainless Steel Tanks with Steel Helicopter Racks that can handle a load of  7000+ pounds.


3,600 gal A stainless steel

Two compartment, 700 gal fuel, 2,900 gal water

20” dome lid, DOT 406

Landing pad:

Two strips (helicopter  rails) 30”x167”

Overall width and length – 92”x167”

Load test 7,000+ pounds




Our Story

Founded in 1965 by  Dale McLellan, McLellan Equipment defines itself by delivering the highest quality possible for machinery mining, construction, and agriculture.

"Starting as a small, local manufacturer we built our business on hard work, quality, customer support, and pride. Sales grew, and customers became our sales force.”

- Mr. Dale McLellan, Founder