Medium Luber

McLellan offers a line of fuel and lubricant vehicles for fleet refueling. Developed in the rugged construction, agriculture, and commercial fleet refueling service industries, our trucks best serve our end users through quality construction and sensible design.


  • 1000 gallon fuel tank
  • 120, 400, or 800 bulk bin grease systems
  • 1-100 GPM diesel fuel pump with meter
  • Used oil retrieval system
  • Internal shut off safety valve (air operated)
  • 2 stage air compressor system with reel
  • Water/Antifreeze system with reel and pump
  • McLellan Heavy-duty product reels
  • McLellan hydraulic rewind reels
  • Customizable tool box
  • Oil filter drain box integrated into used oil system
  • All electrical lighting enclosed in wiring harness
  • Up to six 55 watt halogen work lights
  • Leaf spring mounting system
  • Safety package, including backup alarm & fire extinguisher


  • Swing door, roll-up door, and ‘K’ back rears available
  • Rear boot dust and debris prevention system
  • Hydraulically driven high pressure wash
  • Grease barrel heater system for cold climates
  • LED lighting systems
  • Additional tool boxes
  • Tool box drawer inserts
  • Arrow boards and strobe light packages
  • Air-driven product pumps (Lincoln, Graco, Alemite, & ARO)

Rear Options

Why choose a McLellan Lube Truck?

Reduce downtime by bringing the service station into the field

Prevent injury and strain from pulling hose with hydraulically powered McLellan reels.

Insure proper vehicle maintenance with the right specifications customized by McLellan's engineers and designed to your needs.