Rod Charger

For charging grinding rods into rod mills

Reduce rod mill rod replacing time with an automated solution. Capable of laying or propelling rods into mills via an extendable boom, the McLellan rod charger reduces time and labor during critical relining & maintenance periods.

The Rod Charger has been designed to be the backbone for the Periodic Maintenance of the Mill Rod Replenishment. Each unit is designed to place rods through minimal mill openings.

McLellan offers a customizable solution to rod charging designed by out in house team of engineers. Options include independently driven wheels or rails, rod racks for increased rod capacity, retracting beams, etc.

//Why choose a McLellan Rod Charger?

Reduce downtime by mechanically driving rods back into the mill quicker than conventional means.

Efficiently charge rods with an integrated, stackable rod rack.

Prevent injury and strain by removing operator contact the rod charging process.

General Operating Procedure

General operating description of the McLellan Rod Charger Handler was specially designed to Replenish the Rods in the Mill. It was built with the specifications to optimally and safely meet the Customer’s requirements in replenishing Rods with minimal downtime to the Mill. The Rod Charger Handler was specifically designed with four stationary feet and Two anchor tie-downs and returning to storage once the Rods are properly placed. Once the Rod Charger Handler is in position and tied down, the Rod Charger Handler can extend into the Mill to position the Rods in position.

Rod Charger


  • Main frame Computer designed structure that can be lifted into position by an overhead crane, and then anchored in front of the mill in need of rod replenishment. The structure is the main support for main beam, hydraulic and electrical systems, and the rods that will be placed in the mill.
  • Rod rack Temporary holding area for the rods. This space is designed with the customer’s facilities in mind. Each rack is designed around a loading cycle time which ensures a constant feed into the mill, thus reducing downtime during critical maintenance periods.
  • Main beam The structure that positions inside the mill for proper placement of rods. The main beam receives rods from the rod rack via loading actuators. Retractable for compact storage.
  • Rod feeder A series of rollers mounted within the main beam that pushes the rods into the mill.


  • Halogen work lights
  • Additional safety railings
  • Remote controls and remote shut-off
  • Rail wheels to serve multiple mills
  • Custom paint job to match facility standards
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