Mill Relining Equipment

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McLellan Industries offers a full line of mill maintenance equipment focused on delivering your specific needs. We offer unique solutions by leveraging our experienced consultation, engineering, and manufacturing services that deliver dependable products to help you reline safer and faster.

Mill Liner Handler

Significantly reduce mill downtime while providing a maximum level of personnel safety. Empower your crew with a mechanized delivery of mill liners easy placement and quick bolt on action.

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Rod Charger

Reduce rod mill rod replacing time with an automated solution. Capable of laying or propelling rods into mills via an extendable boom, the McLellan rod charger reduces time and labor during critical relining & maintenance periods.

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Bolt Removal System

A convenient and simple tool for removing bolts and used liners from mills.

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Feed Chute Transporter

McLellan feed chute transportation equipment securely transports feed chutes during the critical stages of the relining process, enabling a quicker return to production.

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//Mining Product Locations

McLellan mill relining systems operate in many countries across the globe.

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