Mill Liner Handlers

Fast and safe mill liner replacement.

Significantly reduce mill downtime while providing a maximum level of personnel safety. Empower your crew with a mechanized delivery of mill liners easy placement and quick bolt on action.

Mechanize the process of transporting and placing replacement liners inside your mill with one piece of machinery built specifically for your needs. The mill liner handler features a horizontal main beam that delivers replacement liners through the trunnion safely and quickly to a 3 axis powered liner manipulator. Reliable, durable, and dependable construction allows for reliable service during critical, costly downtime.

Custom built and engineered for your needs, our product will become an essential element to your milling process.

Reduce downtime by mechanically driving mill liners into place for easy bolt on action.

Prevent injury and strain by automating the mill relining process with mechanized liner manipulators.

Efficiently transfer liners with powered liner carts.


  • Capacity of up to 12,000+ pound liners.
  • Steering Two independent rotary actuators provide separate steering capabilities for both front and rear wheels (90 degrees to the left and right of center).
  • Main frame Welded tubular steel chassis frame that has mounting provisions for the moving horizontal beam rollers, transportation controls, hold down clamps, four lift eyes for lifting the entire unit by overhead crane, and the hydraulic power pack.
  • Lighting Six halogen lights come standard with each handler.


  • Vertical lifting frame to adapt the unit to varied mill centerlines
  • Telescoping horizontal main beam
  • Rail wheeled frame for use on existing feed chute rails
  • Wide deck horizontal beam providing walkway next to dolly way
  • Hydraulic dolly dumping system for used liners
  • Rotary top deck on dolly for maneuvering long liners
  • Remote control
  • 3 axis liner manipulator
  • Powered/manual liner roller conveyor
  • Safety steel canopy for operator seat
  • Access staircase
  • Auxiliary diesel engine in case of power failure
  • Motion alarm systems, like a rotation beacon or audible alarm
  • Intercom system
  • 3-position operator seat and control platform for safety
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