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Fuel Trucks

McLellan offers a line of fuel vehicles for fleet refueling. Developed in the rugged construction, agriculture, and commercial fleet refueling service industries, our trucks best serve our end users through quality construction and sensible design.


  • Tank: 300 – 4,000 gallons NON-Spec Mild Steel
  • Off highway leaf spring mounting
  • Fuel Delivery:
  • PTO driven 60 gpm
  • Reel, 1 1/2” X 50’ spring rewind reel
  • Meter
  • Beaver tail deck
  • Western style rear bumper
  • LED lights Tail, Stop, Turn and marker
  • Safety kit, fire extinguisher, back up alarm


  • Reel box compartment
  • Work lights
  • Bottom load system
  • Strobe light (amber)
  • Tool boxes to fit chassis

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