Chemical Mix Trailer

With our custom design capability, we can meet any of your needs.
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An easy solution to mixing the chemical mix trailer is a closed system for mixing that can be used for herbicides/pesticides.


McLellan offers a variety of arrangements to best meet your crew's needs. Look below for information about some of our most predominant features.


500 Gallon Premix Tanks
  • Mixes up to 500 gallons of product with desired amount of fresh water.

  • Mixed product is transferred into the tanks on Spray Air Fan Trailers or other spray tanks.

  • A flow meter regulated system dispenses ounces of product to mix into the tanks.

  • Each tank has internal double agitators, breaks up clots and chemicals stay suspended.

Concentrated Closed
Mix Dispenser

  • A flow meter regulated system accommodates a 2 ½ gallon jug for high concentrate mix.

  • A 2 ½ container can also be positioned, pierced and flushed out to service higher concentrate mixes.

Dry Chemical Mix Chamber
  • Dry Powder materials are gravity fed through the hoppers tapered exit slot into the tank.
  • Manual valve controls wash down the interior walls of the dry mix chamber into the tank and dissolve residue powders.
  • Interior top sprayers wash out the chamber to clean it, making it pesticide free eliminating the need for a tyvek chemical protective suit.
  • Dry Chemical Racks Store chemical powers for easy access for placement into the Venturi Mix Box.

3 Hydraulic Drive Premix Tank Pumps
  • Pumps are BLUE for FRESH WATER, YELLOW for CHEMICAL 1, RED for CHEMICAL 2, and are color coordinated with their closed stainless steel pipeline system to their distribution valves.
  • As one Chemical batch has been mixed and is filling a Spray Air Fan Trailer tank or similar spray tank, another batch can be mixed and made ready so there is no slowdown in production.

Product Flow Console Monitor
  • Measures the product coming out of the premix going into the Spray Air Fan Trailer tank.
  • Toggle switch activation to the blue light position shifts to clear water to flush the line up to 900 gallons and continues to fill the Spray Air Fan tank.

2 Hydraulic Drive Pre Mixed Tote Pumps
  • Drive the color coded pumps for product mixture.
  • Drive the air compressor and the two hydraulic mix pumps.

2 250 Gallon Tote Racks
  • Connect Totes to the hydraulic pumps to draw the product out of the totes and mix into the system.
  • Ounces, bulk, powder and 2 ½ gallon containers can be combined into the mix tank at one time.

  • The mixture occurs without direct contact to the operator.

Shower Stall & Eye Wash Station
  • The on board 15 gallon immediate use fresh water full body shower and eye wash safety system provides immediate attention to care for chemical sprays and spills. It can be connected to the 6,000 gallon main water reserve for continuous use.

Screen Roof Cloth
  • Shades the deck from excessive heat.

Chemical Mix Trailer